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With life-long maintenance and Professional customized design, InkPV commercial and residential solar systems reduce financial expenses and energy autonomy. Buy InkPV  solar system, and get a free smart lifelong maintenance butler APP!
YES! At daytime solar will be charged then during outages solar system will support to,when battery not enough ,will use grid or generator automatically
We grant experts to set up drawings and person manuals, InkPV hands-on setup technique videos, and the manufacturing unit has a very whole setup gear for on-site set up demonstrations. Any nearby electrician can without difficulty installation the InkPV device 100%.
After our engineers have custom-made the machine appropriate for you, We will ship the goods to the destination port by sea. We will aid in the complete process, entire the transportation and customs declaration, and have no issues about customs clearance and clean receipt of goods. Africa, Asia furnish door-to-door carriers or nearby pickup services.
First of all, DC combiner boxes, inverters, and different gear strains have overload safety functions. When atypical voltages such as lightning strikes and leakage occur, they will routinely become off and disconnected, so there is no protection problem.Secondly, the floor of photovoltaic modules is made of superb impact-resistant tempered glass, which has passed through rigorous trying out and checking out when passing the EU certification and can stand up to wind stress of 200Pa and snow stress of 7200Pa.
It is encouraged to pick out gadget add- ons merchandise licensed via nationally permitted certification bodies, and the models, specs, and producers of key factors and uncooked substances need to be regular with the licensed products. In addition, the specifications, models, and technical parameters of all gadget add-ons need to fit the plan of the whole system.
We provide a 24-hour online guidance service to customize a solar system for you according to your electricity needs
Off-grid system is suitable for areas without grid-connected or unstable grid-connected power. Off grid system is usually composed of solar panels, connector, inverter, battery and mounting system.
100% product quality protection 100% product on time shipment protection 100% payment protection for your covered amount If you have more question, welcome to contact us freely, Choose InkPV, Choose Satisfaction!
This system includes: solar panels, PV array combiner, Solar inverter with MPPT solar controller build in, Gel free maintenance
Yes, we can provide solution of complete set. If you don't need complete set, basic parts are available also.
We have professional teams making solutions for our clients. Solutions are mainly customized based on different sunshine time and power consumption. So the 1kw system may be with different configuration.
We could help you arrange the shipment, we have good service forwarder in Guangzhou.
Yes. It can also connect to third generator, as like diesel generator. Please tell our sales before production.
Solar panel’s lifetime are 25 years, charger controllers 5~ 7 years, inverters 5~7 years, batteries 6~8 years.
During the warranty ,Solar panel--ship free new one ;battery—ship the new one , Inverter/controller---ship free PCB by DHL or Fedex.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have.