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200kw Solar System For A Factory

Maximizing Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Installing a 200kW Solar System for Your Factory, you will get everything about 200kw solar system in here.

InkPV commercial power system
Solar power made affordable and simple
Brand: InkPV or OEM
Wattage: 200kw solar system
Type: Off-grid with battery back up
Output voltage: 220V/380V/400V three phase

How the off grid solar system work for a  factory?

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How Much Does a 200kW Solar System Cost?

For the Off-Grid 200kw solar system, the price is $1X1,681.(2022.12.13 price)
Battery number and solar panel number can be design up to your need. 
Different battery capacity number with different price.
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TFL500W USA TR Technology panel Vmp:41.18V Voc:49.42V Imp 12.14A Isc:12.82A 210*210 cells Efficiency:21.45% weight:25.6KG Size:2148*1080*35mm Strong anti-cracking advantage 15 years product warranty Connect:13pcs in series

Model:H6T-360v Multiple PV strings inputs
Simplify wiring between PV array
and controller, protections to controller ,
Wide range of DC input voltage
Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection


Real MPPT PV controller model:360V/100A
MPPT efficiency; >99.9%,
Max input voltage :800V
various protection functions;
Size:500*384*228mm ,weight:27KG


Solar three phase Inverter power:T200kw/360v
Low voltage:324V   High voltage:442V,
AC charger 10-30A  60% stronger
100% Germany brand IGBT materials
Output: 220V three phase 50/60HZ


The latest through-wall welding technology,  
more suitable for motor loads.
Service life:8-10 years ,
Connect way: 180pcs connect in series


1)Copper row 1set for connection 180 batteries

2)4mm2 PV cable 800M,25mm2 cable 100M

3)1set MC4 Tools , terminals and MC4 and 2P200A switch Box

4) BMS system for batteries


Monitor Battery Cell Voltage, Internal Temperature (Negative pole), Impedance (Omic Value), SOC, SOH Auto-balancing Batteries



This cost estimate includes the installation of your solar PV system and all of the basic equipment that comes with it — solar inverters, connectors, panels, mounting equipment, etc. Any additional equipment, like a solar battery for energy storage, the cost would be different.

Find the Right Installer for a 200kW System

It is important to find the right installer for a solar system because the installation of the system is a critical step in ensuring its long-term performance and reliability. A poorly installed solar system can result in underperformance, system failures, or even safety hazards
By working with experienced and qualified installation engineers, you can be confident that your installation project will be successful and meet your energy needs for years to come.

Local knowledge

We are familiar with local regulations, weather conditions, and other factors that can affect the installation process. They can provide valuable advice on the best installation practices, and can help ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently.

Quality assurance

Hiring experienced overseas installation engineers can help ensure that your installation project meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We can provide valuable insights and advice on best practices, and can help identify potential issues or areas for improvement before they become major problems.

Faster project completion

 InkPV overseas installation engineers are often highly skilled at working quickly and efficiently, which can help ensure that your installation project is completed on time and on budget.

BMS System For The Batteries

InkPV BMS system for battery
InkPV BMS system for battery2
- Real-time monitoring 1 set UPS 
- Data logging for all measuring data for 12 months
- Build-in web server with bar chart and trend curve analysis for voltage, charge and discharge current, internal temperature, impedance
- Report for battery string voltage & current, individual battery voltage, temperature, impedance, support export PDF, CSV etc. document
- Setpoint alarm for cell voltage, internal temperature, impedance, SOC, SOH (upper limit / lower limit) and string voltage, current, SOC (upper limit / lower limit)
- 2 AI ports for ambient temperature & humidity sensor (optional), 1 DO port for sound and light alarm (optional), 4DI ports for digital input connecting (optional)
- Support SNMP, Modbus TCP protocol
- Support RESTful API, JSON, XML format
- Support SMS/Email alarm
- Support 4G data upload to the 3rd party
InkPV BMS system for battery3
InkPV BMS system for battery3

Will a 200kW Solar Panel System Work for You

Investing in a 200kW solar panel system can be a significant decision for any factory. Therefore, it is essential to consider various factors to determine if it is the right choice for your specific energy needs. Some factors that can affect the performance and feasibility of a solar panel system include the size and location of your factory, your energy consumption patterns, and your budget.

Additionally, the installation of a solar panel system can offer several benefits such as reducing energy costs, improving your environmental sustainability, and providing a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. However, there may be some drawbacks to consider, such as the initial investment cost, maintenance requirements, and potential weather-related issues.

Therefore, before making any decisions, it is crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of your energy needs and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of a solar panel system. By doing so, you can determine if a 200kW solar panel system is a feasible and cost-effective solution for your factory.

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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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