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How the 160kw off grid solar system work in Nigeria

How the big power 160kw off grid solar system work? Here is InkPV project, which used in Niegeria for a factory. 
160kw off grid solar system - InkPV
Energy is one of the necessities of life. Unfortunately, the more people need energy, the more it becomes extinct.

One of the advantages that the 20th generation gets is that there are many sources of energy. Some of them are easy to get, while others are expensive and hard to grasp.

Solar power systems are currently the most used energy system in the world. Fortunately, it is very reliable and easily accessible. To get this energy, all it requires is a solar panel and a bunch of batteries and you will have electricity power 24/7.

How many pcs solar panel in the 160kw off grid solar system?

Here is the drawing for the 160kw off grid solar system
160kw off grid solar system connection drawing - InkPV
Here is his 160kw off grid solar system made of: 
  1. 312pcs 540w mono solar panel
  2. 4pcs PV combiner
  3. 4pcs MPPT solar charge controller
  4. 160KW three phase pure sine wave inverter
  5. 180pcs 2V battery
  6.  Cables and accessory

Check here to learn abouthow to install solar power system.

Countries like Nigeria are the ideal place for solar systems. In fact, it is now one of the leading countries that use the most solar energy as a source of electricity.
Installing a solar system is a tough job. 

Selecting the right panels and then estimating the power consumption and, more importantly, the off grid and on-grid selection. Most of these people get confused between the on grid and off grid solar systems. although it is easy to understand.

Off grid means that there is no network connection to the grid while the on-grid is networked to the utility grid. Both of them are the customer's choice because each type influences some factors like installation methods and energy rates.
In the world, including Nigeria, most of the customers like the off grid solar system. There are many reasons for it.

Moreover, there is some diversity in the sizes of each solar system. It is calculated in kW. Simply multiply the kW of solar panels mentioned by the company by the number of days used to calculate the value of kW of electricity your home uses daily. In this way, you will find out your daily kW usage.
Now people buy according to their basic needs.

If you want to buy an off grid solar panel system, then you have to look for the kW you will use. If you are buying for a factory, then you will need a high-powered 160kW off grid solar system.

Here let's us share with you our 160kw off grid solar system for a facotry in Nigeria.
160kw off grid solar system - InkPV

Why does he need 160kw off grid solar system?

Every factory owner needs an off grid solar system in Nigeria. An off grid solar system is more powerful and can generate enough energy with enough battery capacity to meet your factory requirements. In fact, during the winter season, you will get your energy requirements in full for your factory.

Another reason why the off grid is much more beneficial than the on-grid is that it produces extra power and electricity during the day. Using high-quality batteries will provide you with additional benefits from solar panels for your factory.

Furthermore, the batteries will be accessed only at night, while during the day you will access power directly from the solar panels to your factory. In fact, the off grid system will produce excess energy that your factory particularly uses in a day.

Counting the energy for your factory may be difficult now. However, if you want the best off grid solar system, 160kW of energy will suffice for your factory. This energy count is enough to power to cover your estimated daily usage of your factory.
160kw off grid solar system - InkPV

City grid power in Nigeria is expensive and unstable.

Nobody likes city grid power, especially for factory use. In Nigeria, the energy crisis is at its peak right now. 47 percent of Nigerians and those who have experienced frequent power outages Furthermore, the skyrocketing costs for grid power will drive you insane. In this way, an off grid solar system is a blessing.
It is all about one investment, 

and then you will be free from all the electricity and power expenses. Installing an off grid solar panel will benefit not only you but also the Nigerian economy, as you will be saving them thousands of kw of energy daily.

The factory will lose a lot of money if they do not work for one day.

There has always been a stoppage in the factory daily due to the power cuts in Nigeria. When the factory stops, production stops as well. This not only affects you, but the whole Nigerian economy is thriving through the mud.

The factory will lose a lot of money and other people's investments if they don't work for a day. Using solar panels will give you the certainty to overcome any electricity stoppage, and your factory can work 24/7 without any restrictions.
Going for the off grid solar panels will give you a live line to continue your work without having any stoppages whatsoever. So at least think about your company or factory's future.

The machine in the factory is broken because of the diesel generator.

Using a diesel generator is not only about the high fuel consumption but also the problems your machines will have. Most of the time, the machines in the factory become broken due to the diesel generator. Moreover, one now uses diesel generators for factories. It is now a lost cause for many reasons, which make your company miserable as well as you.

Not only that, nowadays the world's over-throbbing diesel prices are getting worse day by day. Just think about the daily expense of your diesel generator. So get rid of it before it's too late.

How does the off grid solar system work for his factory?

off grid solar systems work like a charm for factories. Any off grid solar system requires battery storage, solar panels, and other equipment to provide power to each part of the factory.

Using high-power solar panels like 160kW, off grid solar panels are ideal for factories. It provides enough energy to each part of the factory without any pause.

Certainly, when the city's grid power gets off, the off grid solar panels automatically start providing electricity to the factory machines. Using off grid solar panels is a huge advantage for your factory.

As before, before purchasing the off grid system, you will need to count the size of the system your factory needs. Using 160 kw off grid solar system is best for any factory. All you need to do is connect every part of the factory to the batteries.

Moreover, use high-quality batteries because there will be a lot of factory load on batteries, so using the best quality batteries will be fantastic. Once you are done with those, cut off any city grid power and start using electricity from 160 kW off grid solar systems.
160kw off grid solar system - InkPV

The 160kw off grid solar system provides stable power.

Grid Solar systems are known for their stable power. Sometimes solar panels do not provide stable power, although in the case of an off grid solar system there are no such problems. So it doesn't matter if the weather is cloudy or not, the power will be stable.

In the daytime, your factory can use the energy directly from the panels, as in Nigeria the clouds hardly come. If somehow, dark clouds come in the way of the sun, the system will be directly converted to batteries to give your factory the power and electricity to run. So there is no pause in the off grid solar system whatsoever.

He enjoys table power in his factory; no need to worry about when the city grid will stop.

The factory owners in Nigeria will surely enjoy the off grid solar system in their factories. The biggest headache an owner can get is the problem of electricity, especially when there is a problem with city grid power. When you get rid of this headache by installing the 160kw off grid solar panels, then you will have a great business.

Some factories use both solar and city grid power. It was a good alternative as well. So never completely cut off the city's power when you install the solar panels. You can use the city power grid while it cuts off, then you can turn to the solar panels.

Final Viewpoints

If you are running a factory in Nigeria, always make sure to have a power source 24/7. There has been a problem with the city's power grid. Running a factory without a stable power source is almost impossible.

Using 160 kW of off grid solar panels is the best chance for any company to overcome the problem of unstable power. It's all about a one-time investment. Your factory needs more than enough power to run your machines. You can take advantage of having 24 hours of electricity at your factory by properly installing off grid solar panels.

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