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100kw solar array - How does it work in Solomon lumber mill?

If you are looking for 100kw solar array, considering using diesel generator or solar power system. This case from Solomon may give you some idea.

In today case, we are going to introduce you a customer. His name is Wilson, and he is going to build a lumber mill in a place total no city grid.

And what are the equipment for the lumber? There are a house for daily use, and some machines for the lumber mill. Basically some motors around 1.1kw, 2kw and max about 3kw three phase 380V.

After we calculate the equipment he lists, the total power of his lumber mill about 60kw, and consider he will use all equipment in one day, we suggest him to take 100kw solar array and 100kw inverter.

What are the main components of 100kw solar array

Here is the main part for his 100kw off-grid solar power system:
TFL500W USA TR Technology panel Vmp:41.18V Voc:49.42V Imp 12.14A Isc:12.82A 210*210 cells Efficiency:21.45% weight:25.6KG Size:2148*1080*35mm Strong anti-cracking advantage

Model:H6T-360v Multiple PV strings inputs
Simplify wiring between PV array
and controller, protections to controller ,
Wide range of DC input voltage
Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection


Real MPPT PV controller model:360V/100A
MPPT efficiency; >99.9%,
Max input voltage :800V
various protection functions;
Size:500*384*228mm ,weight:27KG


Solar three phase Inverter power:T100kw/360v
Low voltage:324V   High voltage:442V,
AC charger 10-30A  60% stronger
100% Germany brand IGBT materials
Output: 220V three phase 50/60HZ


The latest through-wall welding technology,  
more suitable for motor loads.
Service life:8-10 years ,
Connect way: 180pcs connect in series


1)Copper row 1set for connection 180 batteries

2)4mm2 PV cable 800M,25mm2 cable 100M

3)1set MC4 Tools , terminals and MC4 and 2P200A switch Box



Why he need 100kw solar array?

There are many factors that effect the output of solar power systems.
Including the solar panel installation angle, the sun conditioner, and even the temperature effecting the output deficiency.

When we design his solar power system, we consider the factors in order to arrive at a reasonable estimation.

For his 100kw off-grid solar power system, we put 100kw solar array. And estimating the system output actual output 420kwh each day.

And for his 60kw machines, each day is consuming about 360kwh. So the left 60kwh will be kept in the 2V battery, to handle the cloudy day or rainy day.

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How many space does it take to put the 100kw solar array?

He puts the solar panel on the roof top.

Each solar panel about 2m2, and the total space is about 500m2 for the solar panel. The solar panel is places on the roof full. No need extra ground space.
100KW solar array case
100KW solar array case-2
100KW solar array case

Why there are 3set 360V 100A MPPT solar charge controller?

For the MPPT solar charge controller, the power=Voltage X Current.
So each is MPPT solar charge controller can take
                                                 360V * 100A = 36000w=36KW
So we will need 3set 36kw to handle the 100kw solar array.
And how about the connection, why 13pcs in series and 14pcs in series?
Now, lets see the solar charge controller data sheet:
100kw solar array controller datasheet
The max input voltage for the MPPT solar charge controller is: 800V.
Each solar panel Voc is 49.42V. That means if we put 13pcs or 14pcs in series, then the voltage is Click here to see what is Voc 
And can what is the min pcs solar panel can we put in one series?
From the data sheet, we know that the MPPT start voltage is Vbat + 20V.
The battery voltage is 360V, then the min to start the voltage is 360V+20V=380V.
But we cannot only use 8pcs, because when the solar panel charge the battery, the voltage will be pull down to working voltage Vmp 41.18V. 
But the solar panel won’t stay 41.18V all the time, when the sun is weak or in hot weather, the working voltage will drop.
So in order the solar panel can charge the battery in all day, we suggest to put more solar panel in series, that means 13pcs or 14pcs is the most suitable in series.

So the solar panel will be divided into 3 set controllers,
Controller A: 13pcs solar panel in series, 5 in parallel
Controller B: 13pcs solar panel in series, 5 in parallel
Controller C: 14pcs solar panel in series, 5 in parallel

And each MPPT solar charge controller only have one solar terminal input. That’s why we will need PV combiner to help us simplify the wiring.

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100KW solar array PV combiner connection
100KW solar array PV combiner connection

What is the PV combiner and how it works?

100KW solar array case-pv combiner3
PV combiner is to simplify the wiring from solar panel, and there are protector and SPD inside. Have the high-voltage lightning protection device form the PV module, will protect the inverter when there are lightning.
100KW solar array PV combiner
100KW solar array PV combiner

Why the Gel battery is 2V 1500Ah, not 12V 250Ah?

In order to use at night or handle the rainy day, the off grid solar power system must have battery.

Wilson had ask some other supplier, some to give him suggestion using 12V 250Ah gel battery. But for the 100kw solar array, the battery cannot be 12V.

Let see the battery data sheet
This is involve the battery maximum charging current.For the 12V 250Ah gel battery, max charging current is 70A.

100KW solar array battery data sheet

And what is the the 100kw solar array charging current? How to calculate the charging current?

This is how we calculate:

100kw÷360V DC= 277A

If we use the 250Ah gel battery, we will need 4 group 12V 250Ah gel battery to handle the 277A charging current.


Technically there is no limit to how many batteries you can wire in parallel. But after the feedback from many customers, if one battery die, the complete battery band will break down. That means, if there is one battery die, this group battery voltage is lower than the other 3 group. The other three group will charge this low voltage battery.


In order to prevent this happen, here is 2 solution

  1. Using some diodes to stop the current flow.
  2. Using 2V battery.


Usually for high voltage solar system, we suggest to use the 2V battery. Because 2V battery max charging current is much higher than 12V.

100KW solar array battery data sheet2

Using 1 group can handle the 277A solar panel max charging current. No need 2group.


100KW solar array battery

And how to connect the 2V battery?

2V battery connection way is different than 2V. there are 4 terminal on it while 12V only have 2 terminal.

And here is how we connect the 2V battery. Using different copper connector and the cable. Which is include in our package, no need to buy in local.
100KW solar array battery 2V connection way

How many hour can the battery supply?

There are total 180pcs 2V 1000Ah battery, the capacity is

According to the battery discharge characteristics, it can supply 0.1C for almost 10hour.


100KW solar array battery
It mean if your discharging current is 100A, the battery can supply 10hrs working time.
And if your discharging current is 200A, the battery can supply 10hrs working time.

If the battery power not enough, how to deal with the back up power?

100KW solar array diesel
There are double way switch in the system. When the battery not enough power, the double way switch will switch to use the back up power- diesel generator.

And when the sun rise again, battery is fully charge by solar. The inverter will recover and the system will supply by the inverter instead of the diesel power.

In this working mode, the use of diesel oil is very little. The mail power source is solar, renewable and green.

In fact, there are more and more people using solar to instead of the diesel generator. And solar for main power, diesel as back up power in 100% off grid system.

How to do the installation for the 100kw solar array?

One of Wilson biggest problem is, how to do the installation for the system. Because we have oversea installation engineers, but they cannot go abroad for installation due to COVID-19.
How about the installation?
Here is our solution

Connection drawing

100KW solar array conection drawing
For the solar part, there are 3set controller in this system. See why 3set controller
Controller A: 13pcs solar panel in series, 5 in parallel
Controller B: 13pcs solar panel in series, 5 in parallel
Controller C: 14pcs solar panel in series, 5 in parallel

Total 200pcs 500w half cell PERC solar panel make it 100kw solar array.

Electrical diagram

Our installation engineer draw the Electrical diagram, so that Wilson’s engineer can easily better understand the drawing.

Installation manual

And we will offer installation manual. So that customer know how to do the installation just follow our installation manual step by step.
Here is a solar power system installation manual for 5kw.

Click here to know more about solar power system installation manual.

How many lifespan can the 100kw off-grid system last?

About the life span, solar panel lifespan is about 25years, and 2V battery cycle time is about 6years in 30%D.O.C Learn more about DOD.

Wilson said he may not run the lumber mill for more 25years. And he will sell the solar panel out as second hand at that time. Because solar panel efficiency performance : 25 years 80 % ; 12 years 90%. It means he can sell the solar panel in 500w*0.9=450w at the 12th years.

So he think the off-grid solar power system is a very nice investment. Al thought he invested big at the first time, but time and solar will give him reward.

What if the solar panel, battery, inverter break down, How to fix that?

In our warranty, solar panel 10years, battery 2years. During warranty, if any quality problem happen, we will send new solar panel and new battery, no need to return the broken one.
And we will send new PCB board to replace,every problem can be solved after replacing the PCB board.

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Click here to know more about InkPV quality standard. 

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