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1000w home solar system - How to effect a South Africa customer life

Do you know, 1000w home solar system can do great help when the city grid power suddenly cut off. When you sitting in the dark, you will very touch when you find that you have a back up power for the lights and other necessary home appliance.

Hello reader, I am Allon. I have been in solar area for more than 10years. And some magazine contact me for authorizing them to reprint my articles about solar power system. I am very happy and agree. It’s very delightful to see someone like my articles and agree with my opinion.

I am very cheerful you reading this blog about my customer Edias. He is one of my customer, and having some question.

We believe that you may have same question. So if we can solve his question, you can find you answer here.

A South Africa customer name Edias contact me in a normal Friday. He told us how inconvenient handling power company Eskom, and the city grid break down often, his cannot use the home appliance well. So he come to us with some question. Here let’s see what questions he have and how we solve his problem.
home solar system inverter

Why he choose 1000w home solar system?

South Africa is a country where city grid power cut off often and the bill is also very expensive. The only solution for getting power during city grid power cut off is an off-grid solar power system. 

InkPV is one of the leading companies manufacturing inverter with easy availability and offering maximum customer satisfaction. We can offer you one-stop solution from solar panel to the cable accessory.

What can a 1000w home solar system run?

1000w home solar system is an ideal system for a family have 2-3 people. whereas you can use 3 lights, 1 TV, 1 laptop, 2 fans, 1 refrigerator. When the city grid break down, it can turn to use battery power automatically.

On this solar system, you can run average 600 Watt loads regular basis and it gives back up time at night. When the city grid recover, the city grid will supply power to home appliance again.
home solar system appliance
1000 watt solar panel power Home System Load Reference
Load NameLoad Rated PowerQTYTotal Rated Power
Washing machine250W1250W
Electric cooker300W1300W
Satellite TV receiver/VCD25W125W
Color TV100W1100W
Water Pump100W1100W

This example is just for reference. But your load can be less than 1kw 

Remark: water pump is inductive load, start working power is 3-6 times more than normal power, in the process of use, turn on the inductive load first

home solar system appliance

If you want to buy the air fryer, click here to know more.

Why he choose 1000w home solar system not 5000w?

There are many home appliance in his home, including air conditioner, water pump, cooker and others small home appliances.
Before buying solar system he must understand what he needs, why he want to install solar system.

Because if he use solar power system to supply all his home appliance, the system would be very big and the cost is up.

All he need is when city grid power break down, there is back up battery power for necessary use. That's why he choose 1000w home solar system.
What is you propose buying a solar power system? To reduce electricity bill or for back up power?

You can know more about it by contact us.

How can he calculate 1000w home solar system?

Generally, a 1000w home solar system can cover emergence home appliance like refrigerator, lights, fans and TV.

If the homeowner installs 1000w home solar system with 2 set batteries, they can easily run all the emergence home appliance when the city grid cut off.
And if the city grid cut off in daytime, the solar panel can charge the battery.

 It's very good for place where city grid cut off often, and they don't need to worry about the charging problem because solar or city grid can charge the battery easily.

What are the main components of 1000w home solar system?

For the 1000w home solar system, there are 4 major part.
1. Solar panel 2pcs 350w
2. Inverter with controller built inside
3. Battery 2pcs 200Ah or 150Ah
4. Cable and accessory.

Solar panel bracket sometime not necessary. Because there are only 2pcs solar panel on in the system, he can put it any where he wants.


Daily power consumption : <4.2KWH

Allowable max loads power :1KW(=1.4KVA)


Solar panel

FS350W mono solar panel

Vmp:38.39V  Voc:47.13V  Imp 9.25A    

Size : 1956*992*35mm

25 years life time  (CE TUV)

Coated steel Glass:3.2mm Tem pered

Efficiency performance :25 years 80 % 20 year 85% 10 years 90%   


Hybrid solar Inverter



Inverter power:1kw/24v

PV  controller :50A/24V,AC charge:10-15A

100% USA brand MOS materials

Double protection, easy after sales service

O/P:220VAC or 230VAC

Product size:540*350*695mm




1) 1pc 16mm2*35cm battery cable,

4pcs 16mm2*2M battery cable.

2)4mm2 PV cable 50M,25M black 25M red.

3)1set PV terminals and MC4

4)1P 63A Battery switch and box


Click here to know more about 1000 watt solar panel power system

How to install 1000w home solar system

home solar system connection drawing
For the 1000w home solar system, Edias installated by him self. We have the installation manual and the vidoe, he did it by him self easily.

Click here know more about solar power system installation

How many space does he need to put on the roof top for 1000w home solar system?

To check the size of a 1000w home solar system, we will have to check the size fo solar panel.

In the previous table, we included there are 2pcs 350w solar panel in a 1000w 12v solar panel kit.

Each 350w solar panel has the following dimensions:
1956 x 992 x 35mm
So 2pcs would need on the roof top:
Its seem not quite large for 1000w solar kits, but when it comes to 5000w or 10kw, we should check if there enough space for roof top first.
home solar system solar panel

Can he put more solar panel in the future?

Edias told us if in the future, he wants to put more home appliance for the system? What should he do the update the system?

Can he add more solar panel in the future?
The answer is yes.

Then he will need to add an extra controller to the updating solar panels.
And the solar panel size should be same as 450W.

Never connect solar panel to the battery directly, because it will hurt the battery if it get over charge.

How do we ship the 1000w home solar system to him?

He has a container in Guangzhou China ready to ship. So we send to his Guangzhou warehouse directly. Usually we don’t send only 2pcs solar panel to customer country. Because solar panel easy broken if only 2pcs.

And Edias has a container with other product, it would be nice that 2pcs solar panel will get protection by his other good.

And the price term we quote for him is FOB Guangzhou, China.
We can also do the CIF price.

What is the difference for the batteries in series or in parallel?

The DC voltage is different. For the 12v kit, he needs 1pcs battery to make the system 12V.
If he buy the 24V, then he will need 2pcs 12V battery. The back up time at night is 2time than 12V system. And the connection way is different for the 12V and 24V system.

And for the 12V system, the max solar panel power is 700W. For 24V system, max is 1400W. Which can be seen on the inverter data sheet. 

 Click here to know more about how to read the inverter datasheet

home solar system battery connection way

Can he update the system in the future?

Actually we don’t suggest customer increase battery number in the future, because battery have limited life span. We call it cycle time. We not suggest to use different cycle time battery in same system.

But if he really want to increase the battery number, here is the connection way for the 12V system. To put the extra battery in parallel, because it 12V system.

Here show you the connection drawing:
home solar system battery in parallel
When you connect the batteries in parallel, you are keeping the total voltage the same.

Can we use lithium battery in the 1000w home solar system?

The quotation we send him first is Gel battery. And he also ask can he use lithium battery for the system?
Yes, we told him and send him the price with lithium battery.

He choose Gel battery instead of lithium battery after he study the quotation well. Because lithium battery is good and the cycle time can reach about 3000-6000. But the price also 2or 3time than gel battery in same specification.

If you want to know what is the different between gel battery and the lithium battery, click here to learn more about it. Gel battery vs lithium battery

If he want to use solar in daytime only, can he not use battery in the  system?

Yes, there is another type of battery less system, if he only need solar work in daytime, he can use that type of solar power system, click here to know more about batteryless solar system.

Actually this is a very good product when some one use in office or factory for daytime only. Battery is expensive and have limited life span.

If his place have stable city grid power and try to save bill in daytime only. The battery less on-grid solar system is best option for him.

What about warranty for the 1000w home solar system?

The solar panel enjoy 10years product warranty, during warranty if any quality problem we will send new solar panel to you. And battery for 2years, if any quality problem, we will send new one and no need to return the old one.

Why other China supplier say they have 25years warranty, do you know the different between product warranty and  performance warranty? Click here to know more about it.

And click here to know more about the after sale service and warranty.

How does the 1000w home solar system work in his house?

It’s has been about 3years for his system working. And everything works good. Because he use the battery only when the grid stop, the battery life span is longer than other customer. Click here to know more about battery cycle time.  12v deep cycle gel batteries- An introductory guide- INK PV

Edias is really grateful that he bought the 1000w home solar system 3years ago, and he enjoy stable power for 3years.

Here is how his solar system working: In daytime, solar charge the battery. When the grid stop, battery supply power at once. When the grid power recover, the grid will supply power again.

Because the convert time is below 0.04second. The lights won’t blink.
And its very good for his home appliance and he not worry about the food on refrigerator get bad when the grid stop.

Last but not least

Thank you reader. You already reading this article end. This is a big support for me. We believe you already solve some of your question by this article.

No matter what you what to do with the solar power system, when you have a question and try to solve it, this is a very big step.

If you have question not solve about solar power system, you can contact Allon for help.
Allon has over 10 years experiences in off-grid project. Including diesel or solar area, he always have his idea to design a perfect system for you.

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