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30KW Off Grid Solar Power Plant System Cost - 2024

Let see the 30KW Off Grid Solar Power Plant System Cost in 2024, lithium battery price or gel battery price. You can pick one you need.
Brand: InkPV or OEM
Wattage: 30kw solar system
Type: Off-grid with lithium battery or gel battery back up
Output voltage: Single Phase 220V
Application: Home/School/Office/Commercial

30KW Off-Grid solar system price and detail

Here is the price for 30kw Off-Grid solar system single phase $16734 (2023.12.4) for gel battery.
$24,484 (2023.12.4) for Lithium battery.

And the price will be not same for different pcs solar panel and the lithium battery.
Rack-mount lithium battery is suggested.
TFL580W USA TR Technology panel Vmp:41.18V Voc:49.42V Imp 12.14A Isc:12.82A 210*210 cells Efficiency:21.45% weight:25.6KG Size:2148*1080*35mm Strong anti-cracking advantage N tpe

Model:H6T-360v Multiple PV strings inputs
Simplify wiring between PV array
and controller, protections to controller ,
Wide range of DC input voltage
Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection


Real MPPT PV controller model:360V/100A
MPPT efficiency; >99.9%,
Max input voltage :800V
various protection functions;
Size:500*384*228mm ,weight:27KG


Solar single phase Inverter power:T30kw/360v
Low voltage:324V   High voltage:442V,
AC charger 10-30A  60% stronger
100% Germany brand IGBT materials
Output: 220V single phase 50/60HZ


Capacity:12V/200AH The latest through-wall welding technology, more suitable for motor loads. Service life:6-8 years Size:522*240*219mm Connect way: 30pcs battery in series


Capacity: 72KWH Power Size:1200*600*1200mm Weight:345KG Germany Technology Including BMS 10years warranty 20years design lifespan Lifepo4 Battery


1)58pcs 25mm2*35CM, 4pcs 25mm2*2M battery cable, 25mm *25M 2)4mm2 PV cable 200M, (black+ red) 3)1set MC4 Tools ,PV terminals and MC4 4)2P 100A Battery switch and box



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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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