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A 250kW Solar System for Your Factory's Future

By harnessing the power of the sun, a 250kW solar system can generate enough electricity to power a medium-sized factory with moderate energy consumption.

InkPV commercial power system
Solar power made affordable and simple
Brand: InkPV or OEM
Wattage: 250kw solar system
Type: Off-grid with battery back up
Output voltage: 220V/380V/400V three phase

Can A 250kw Solar System Work For a Factory?

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How Much Does a 250kW Solar System Cost?

For the Off-Grid 200kw solar system, the price is $2x3,081.(2022.12.13 price)
Battery number and solar panel number can be design up to your need. 
Different battery capacity number with different price.
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TFL480W USA TR Technology panel Vmp:39V Voc:46.8V Imp 12.3A Isc:12.91A 210*210 cells Efficiency:22.03% weight:24.5KG Size:2148*1020*35mm Strong anti-cracking advantage 15 years product warranty Connect:each 13 pcs in series

Model:H6T-360v Multiple PV strings inputs
Simplify wiring between PV array
and controller, protections to controller ,
Wide range of DC input voltage
Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection


Real MPPT PV controller model:360V/100A
MPPT efficiency; >99.9%,
Max input voltage :800V
various protection functions;
Size:500*384*228mm ,weight:27KG


Solar three phase Inverter power:T250kw/360v
Low voltage:324V   High voltage:442V,
AC charger 10-30A  60% stronger
100% Germany brand IGBT materials
Output: 220V three phase 50/60HZ


The latest through-wall welding technology,  
more suitable for motor loads.
Service life:8-10 years ,
Connect way: 180pcs connect in series


1)Copper row 1set for connection 180 batteries

2)4mm2 PV cable 800M,25mm2 cable 100M

3)1set MC4 Tools , terminals and MC4 and 2P200A switch Box

4) BMS system for batteries


Monitor Battery Cell Voltage, Internal Temperature (Negative pole), Impedance (Omic Value), SOC, SOH Auto-balancing Batteries



This cost estimate includes the installation of your solar PV system and all of the basic equipment that comes with it — solar inverters, connectors, panels, mounting equipment, etc. Any additional equipment, like a solar battery for energy storage, the cost would be different.

BMS System For The Batteries

InkPV BMS system for battery
InkPV BMS system for battery2
- Real-time monitoring 1 set UPS 
- Data logging for all measuring data for 12 months
- Build-in web server with bar chart and trend curve analysis for voltage, charge and discharge current, internal temperature, impedance
- Report for battery string voltage & current, individual battery voltage, temperature, impedance, support export PDF, CSV etc. document
- Setpoint alarm for cell voltage, internal temperature, impedance, SOC, SOH (upper limit / lower limit) and string voltage, current, SOC (upper limit / lower limit)
- 2 AI ports for ambient temperature & humidity sensor (optional), 1 DO port for sound and light alarm (optional), 4DI ports for digital input connecting (optional)
- Support SNMP, Modbus TCP protocol
- Support RESTful API, JSON, XML format
- Support SMS/Email alarm
- Support 4G data upload to the 3rd party
InkPV BMS system for battery3
InkPV BMS system for battery3

Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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