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Stackable Energy Storage System

Stackable Energy Storage System, which can be used for Home/Farm/Hotel/Commercial. Easy installation and long life span.

InkPV commercial power system
Stackable Energy Storage System
Brand: InkPV or OEM
Wattage: 7.68KWH - 20.48KWH
Type: Off-grid with battery back up
Output Current: DC current

Stacked Low-Voltage Battery

Unified model and maximum versatility design, there is no need to arrange and combine battery packs in a fixed order.
Stackable Lithium Battery System-InkPV

Feature of  Stackable Energy Storage System

Stackable Lithium Battery System-InkPV
  • High-performance LFP battery cells of major brands are selected, with a cycle life of 6000 and a service life of more than 15 years. The comprehensive operation cost is low.
  • With Perfect BMS protection function and all-round control system, the battery can run safely and efficiently
  • The touch LCD screen can check the operation state and data in real-time, and grasp all the information of the battery accurately
  • CAN2.0, RS485 and RS232 communication protocols are supported, and inverters of various brands can be matched.
  • With standard modularization design, wireless assembly and disassembly is truly realized, convenient and fast,simple and beautiful.


Product Model





Battery pack
Battery pack modle51.2V50Ah 51.2V50Ah 51.2V100Ah51.2V100Ah
Battery cell typeLiFePO4
Serial/Parallel16S3P 16S3P 16S4P16S4P
Battery pack dimension530*420*161MM530*420*161MM 700*460*166MM700*460*166MM
Battery pack weight26KG26KG 38KG38KG
Number of battery packs3pcs3pcs4pcs4pcs
System parameters
Rated voltage51.2V
Working voltage range40V-58.4V
Charge voltage54.4V-55.2V
Floating charge voltage53.6V-54.4V
Rated capacity150Ah200Ah300Ah400Ah
Rated charge current100A
Peak charge current100A
Rated discharge current100A
Peak discharge current150A
Product dimension(L*W*H)450*145.5*620MM450*145.5*620MM450*235*650MM450*235*650MM
Product weight    
Other parameters
Charge temperature47KG49KG89KG92KG
Discharge temperature0-55℃
Optimum temperature-10-55℃
Cooling methodNatural cooling
Relative humidity5%-95%
Cycle life≥6000 @80%DOD,0.5C/0.5C,25℃
Communication interfacesCAN2.0/RS485/RS232
ProtectionOver temperature, over current, over voltage, insulation and other multiple protection ,etc.
DisplayLCD touch screen
Design lifetime≥15 years


Advantage of  Stackable Energy Storage System

  • Modular design Modular design, light weight, small size
  • Long service life, more than 10years long service life
  • High Compatibility BMS, seamless communication with energy storage inverter
  • Suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycle
Stackable connection

Video of Stackable Energy Storage System

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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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