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1000 watt solar panel

1000 watt solar panel system

1000 Watt Solar Panel Cost, Battery & Power generator, here is the price for 1kw solar power system with battery. You can find every thing you need.
Brand: InkPV
Wattage: 1000 watt solar panel system
Type: Off-grid
Output voltage: EU And US Standard

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happy customer

How Does A Off-grid 1000w Solar Panel System Work?

The solar system not only has the function of the solar power generation system, but also has the complementary function of the utility. When the main power is turned off, the solar system can automatically switch to use the solar energy in the battery to run the load, when the solar energy is insufficient and the power goes out, it will automatically switch to the main power and connect with the grid to use the main power. Charge the battery at the same time.
how does solar system work

What Is Needed For A 1kw Solar System?

1kw Solar power plant wiring diagram - InkPV

How many panels in a 1kw solar system

It will take 2-3pcs solar panle to get 1000w solar. 

How many space of solar panels for 1000 watts?

It will take 2-3pcs solar panle to get 1000w solar. So the space would be 5㎡ to 8㎡. And if your are trying to put in RV car. Weclome to contact us for more detail of felxibale solar panel.

How many batteries in a 1000w solar system?

The 1000w inverter usually 12V or 24V. For DC 12V, 1 pcs 12V Gel battery is needed.
And for 24V DC inverter, it would be 2pcs 12V battery.
Of course, lithium battery also a very good idea. And 12V, 24V lithium battery is very common in the market.

How many power can a  1000w solar panel produce.

It can power about 5kwh one sunny day. And the actual power output is relative to your site condition, if you are in sunny place, the power will be more much than in a rainy day.

How To Do The Installation for 1000w solar system?

Oversea installation service

  • We have oversea installation service. Enginner Steven and Ben will arrive at the installation site within 10 days after the goods arrived at port.


  • We have installation manual and electrical diagram. Follow the our installation guidance step by step, the installation can be done by your self. Contact us for solar system instalation manual.
Installation service

What Can A 1000 Watt Solar System Power ?

1000 watt solar panel power Home System Load Reference
Load NameLoad Rated PowerQTYTotal Rated Power
Washing machine250W1250W
Electric cooker300W1300W
Satellite TV receiver/VCD25W125W
Color TV100W1100W
Water Pump100W1100W

This example is just for reference. But your load can be less than 1kw 

Remark: water pump is inductive load, start working power is 3-6 times more than normal power, in the process of use, turn on the inductive load first

1000 Watt Solar Panel System Cost?

The 1000w solar kit price is $1110 (2022.12.16), with follow detail..

1000w solar system FAQ

How many solar panels to run 1000 watt inverter

Solar panels are charging the battery. If you are 100% off-grid, we suggest to use 2 or 3pcs 450-600w solar panel to charge the battery. And if your solar system not use often, just for back up used, 1 pcs solar panel is enough.

Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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Why Stable Electricity Is Important?

Electricity is necessary for lighting and other forms of artificial light, allowing us to see and work in the dark.

Electricity is used to power a wide range of appliances and tools, making our daily tasks and activities easier and more convenient.

Electricity is used for transportation, powering vehicles such as cars, buses, and trains.

Electricity is used for entertainment, powering devices such as televisions, computers, and video game systems.
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Let's Say No To Expensive Electricity Bills!

Research has proved that most countries in the world have problems of insufficient power supply and high electricity bills, which make people's quality of life unable to improve. 
InkPV solar system uses advanced technology to solve these problems through a professional team.
Our system has strong advantages. Our system can fully charge a backup battery in 5 hours via solar panels. Reduce the cost of home energy use and let your home solar system make your life better and more comfortable.
According to the user's Home construction and electrical equipment power consumption design plan, to provide customers with customized solar energy storage system solutions.
Our solar energy system adjusts the daily charging and discharging conditions through intelligent algorithms, charging and storing energy during the low-peak period of electricity consumption, and discharging during the peak period of electricity consumption.

Why Choose InkPV

1. Work with you for information necessary to verify the system power you actually needs;

2. Manufacture all systems parts in good quality and cost based on the confirmed terms;

3. Customize the solar system to meet your installation site, especially for the supporting structures;

4. Provide the system installation guides after the system arrive;

5. Long time warranty under normal operation;

6. On line technical support to any possible problem after system installation

Can Solar Power Really Power An Entire House?
yes, Solar Power Can Indeed Power Your Entire Home.

How Long Can Solar Cells Power A House?
The Average Homeowner Typically Consumes Up To 2 Kw During A Power Outage, With An Average Consumption Of 750 To 1,000 Watts During A Power Outage, Our Solar Systems Will Be Designed With Capacity Based On Your Daily Needs

What Does The Product Equipment Include?
solar Photovoltaic Panels/Sine wave inverter/energy Storage Lithium Batteries/various Wires, Etc.

How Do I Know What's Going On With My Solar System?
our Solar System Supports Computer Equipment Viewing And Mobile App Viewing Of Operating Status And Other Information
I can see the post that your company shows the warranty is 5 Years, so no matter what the battery pack be used for, all 5 Years?
No sir, maybe you know the cycle life of cell is not only depends on the quality itself , but also be affected by the discharge/charge rate the actual temperature. So it is unresponsibility at all if a supplier tell you the cycle life but no talking about the actual usage. For room temperature 25℃ and 1C discharge and 0.5C charge, the cycle life of the battery pack can exceed 4000 cycles and warranty 5 Years, only energy storage usage.

Can these battery pack be compatible with my inverter? do you have a company list of the inverter which is compatible?
Yes sir, our battery pack can compatible with most brand of inverter on the market, contact us and let me tell you more.

I'm very sensible in price, i am a wholesaler of battery pack, if i sell your battery pack in my city , the profit is very low, can i get a cheaper price? and i can see your competitor sells more cheap then you.
It is highly suggest that you can have a comparision with our competitor. Indeed, there are also some supplier provide low price battery pack but using cheap material. We have antivibration design and communication design. maybe you know the price of cylindrical cell is far cheap then prismatic cell.

Us VS Them

Direct factory price, by cutting out the salesmen and the local offices, 
we are able to offer better equipment for less.

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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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