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100KW Solar Power System Price - 2024

100KW Solar Hybrid Three Phase Inverter Price And Detail

100KW Solar Power System Price in 2024 with Lithium Battery.
Brand: InkPV or your brand
Wattage: 100KW Hybrid Three Phase Inverter 
Type: Off-grid
Output voltage: 220V/380V/400V three phase

100KW Solar System Price With Lithium Battery 2024

In 2024.4.5, 100kw solar system price with 250kwh lithium battery is $81,798.  Price is different all the time, compare to one year ago, the price drop to 1/2 than before.

How much will a 100kw solar system produce

In our 100kw solar power system, there are 169pcs 580w N-type solar panel. Different area, with different solar generation. And in Philippines Manila, the data is 131215.17kwh.
If you need us check the other city data, welcome to contact us.

That's why we suggest to use solar power to reduce the daytime electricity bill.

How many Kwh lithium battery is needed for a 100kw solar system

In our 100kw solar power system design, the lithium battery capacity is 250kwh, if you need other capacity, welcome to contact us.
100kw solar system

100KW Solar System Connection Drawing

Connection drawing is for you reference, understanding each part.
This is simple for customer, and we have professional CAD drawing for engineers. It depends on your need and your project need.
100kw solar power system price

How to Do the Installation?


  • We have installation manual and electrical diagram. Follow the our installation guidance step by step, the installation can be done by your self. Contact us for the 100kw off grid solar system cost installation maual.
100kw solar system engineer

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100KW Hybrid Three-Phase Inverter Data Sheet

Various communication ports and remote controls (RS232/RS485/APP/SNMP/GSM optional).
Setting different working modes based on variable usage requirements.

100KW Hybrid Three-Phase Inverter Data Sheet

Rated Power100KWInputDC Input Voltage Range10.5VDC-15VDC(Single battery voltage)
Peak Power(20ms)300KVAAC Input Voltage Range380Vac/400Vac±10%(customized 190Vac/200Vac)
Battery Voltage360V/384VOutput(Battery Mode)Output Voltage380Vac/400Vac±10%(customized 190Vac/200Vac)
Size(L*W*Hmm)875*720*1380Output WavePure sine wave
Packing Size(L*W*Hmm)980*825*1560Operating temperature -10℃~40℃
G.W.(kg)(Wooden Packing)552Elevation2000m(More than derating)
Installation MethodTowerHumidity0%~95% ,No condensation
InputDC Input Voltage Range10.5VDC-15VDC(Single battery voltage)
AC Input Voltage Range380Vac/400Vac±10%(customized 190Vac/200Vac)
AC Input Frequency Range45Hz-55Hz(50Hz)/ 55Hz-65Hz(60Hz)
Max AC charging current0-45A(Depending on the model)
AC charging methodThree-stage (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
OutputEfficiency(Battery Mode)≥85%
Output Voltage(Battery Mode)380Vac/400Vac±10%(customized 190Vac/200Vac)
Output Frequency(Battery Mode)50/60Hz ±1%
Output Wave(Battery Mode)Pure Sine Wave
Output waveform distortionLinear load≤3%
Efficiency(AC Mode)>99%
Output Voltage(AC Mode)Conforming to AC input
Output Frequency(AC Mode)Conforming to AC input
No load loss(Battery Mode)≤1%  rated power
No load loss(AC Mode)≤2%rated power( charger does not work in AC mode)
No load loss(Energy saving Mode)≤10W
Battery TypeVRLA BatteryCharge Voltage :13.8V; Float Voltage:13.7V(Single battery voltage)
Customize batteryCharging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be customized according to user requirements
ProtectionBattery undervoltage alarm11V(Single battery voltage)
Battery undervoltage protection10.5V(Single battery voltage)
Battery overvoltage alarm15V(Single battery voltage)
Battery overvoltage protection17V(Single battery voltage)
Battery overvoltage recovery voltage14.5V(Single battery voltage)
Overload power protectionAutomatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Inverter output short circuit protectionAutomatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Temperature protection>90°C(Shut down output)
AlarmANormal working condition, buzzer has no alarm sound
BBuzzer sounds 4 times per second when battery failure, voltage abnormality, overload protection
CWhen the machine is turned on for the first time, the buzzer will prompt 5 when the machine is normal
Working ModeBattery First/AC First/Saving Energy Mode
Transfer Time≤4ms
Thermal methodForced air cooling
Communication(Optional)RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
EnvironmentOperating temperature -10℃~40℃
Storage temperature-15℃~60℃
Noise2000m(More than derating)
Humidity0%~95% ,No condensation
100kw solar power system price


Here is the case Hybrid Three-Phase Inverter
100kw off-grid in Solomon island

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