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25kw solar system

25kw Solar System Price and Detail, Everything you want know, how many pcs solar panel, how much energy generate. And get the price detail here.
Brand: InkPV or OEM
Wattage: 25kw solar system
Type: Off-grid with lithium battery or gel battery back up
Output voltage: Three Phase Or Single Phase
Application: Home/School/Office/Commercial

Happy customer

Happy customer

System Detail

Solar panel

TFL480W USA TR Technology panel 
Vmp:39V Voc:46.8V Imp 12.3A Isc:12.91A 
210*210 cells Efficiency:22.03% weight:24.5KG Size:2148*1020*35mm 
Strong anti-cracking advantage
25 years product warranty 
Connect:each 13 pcs in series
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

PV cominber

Multiple PV strings inputs 
Simplify wiring between PV array and controller, protections to controller , 
Wide range of DC input voltage 
Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection

25kw solar system price-Inkpv

MPPT Controller

Real MPPT PV controller model:360V/100A MPPT efficiency; >99.9%, Max input voltage :800V various protection functions; Size:500*384*228mm ,weight:27KG
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Solar panel bracket

Slope Rooftop or Flat rooftop wind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2 structure:Anodized Aluminum+stainless steel, Angle adjustable ( can be customized as per client’s requirement )
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Cables and Accessory

1)Copper row 1set for connection 180 batteries 
2)4mm2 PV cable 800M,25mm2 cable 100M
3)1set MC4 Tools , terminals and MC4 and 2P200A switch Box
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Gel Battery

The latest through-wall welding technology, more suitable for motor loads. 
Service life:8-10 years
Connect way: 180pcs connect in series
Lithium battery optional

25kw solar system price-Inkpv

IGBT  inverter

Solar three phase  
Charging efficiency:90%-95%, AC charger 10-30A 60% stronger 100% 
Germany brand IGBT materials 
Output: 220V 380V 415V 50/60HZ
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

How much for a 25 kW solar system?

There are On-Grid solar systems and an Off-Grid solar systems for 25KW solar systems.
And if your place grid is stable, we suggest using an On-Grid solar system to save cost. But you should check with your local power company first. Because in some places, the local power company does not allow the house owners to install grid solar systems.

25KW Off-Grid solar system price and detail

Here is the price for 25kw Off-Grid solar system $2X,X47 (2022.12.14)
The price is base on 40pcs 12V 200Ah Gel battery. And the price will be not same for different pcs solar panel and the lithium battery.
And if you choose lithium battery, we suggest to use Rack-mounted lithium battery.

25kw Solar System With Batteries

Power: 550W Size: 2279 x 1133 x 35mm Maximum Power Current(Imp): 12.97A Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp): 41.64V Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 49.60V Short Circuit Current (Isc): 13.86A Strong anti-cracking advantage 15 years product warranty

Model:H6T-240v Multiple PV strings inputs
Simplify wiring between PV array
and controller, protections to controller ,
Wide range of DC input voltage
Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection


Real MPPT PV controller model:240V/100A
MPPT efficiency; >99.9%,
Max input voltage :800V
various protection functions;
Size:500*384*228mm ,weight:27KG


Solar three phase Inverter power:T25kw/240v
Low voltage:324V   High voltage:442V,
AC charger 10-30A  60% stronger
100% Germany brand IGBT materials
Output: 220V three phase 50/60HZ


Capacity:12V/200AH The latest through-wall welding technology, more suitable for motor loads. Service life:6-8 years Size:522*240*219mm Connect way: 20pcs battery in series


1)38pcs 25mm2*35CM, 4pcs 25mm2*2M battery cable, 25mm *20M 2)4mm2 PV cable 200M, (black+ red) 3)1set MC4 Tools ,PV terminals and MC4 4)2P 100A Battery switch and box



Rack-mounted Lithium Battery Detail

25kw solar system price-Inkpv25kw solar system price-Inkpv25kw solar system price-Inkpv
Cycle life: ≥6000 cycles@80%DOD,0.5C/0.5C,25℃

How many pieces solar panel in  a 25 kW solar system?

One piece solar panel watt is from 450-600w. The bigger watt solar panel, the less solar panel needed in a 25KW solar system.
And in InKPV 25kw solar system, the solar panel number is about 50pcs. Using a higher efficiency solar panel will reduce the cable and solar panel bracket cost. It will take about 120㎡ to put in the roof top.

PERC Technology

25kw solar system price-Inkpv
PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. It improves efficiency by allowing electrons to flow more freely and also by increasing the reflectiveness of the back of solar cells. Increase solar panel efficiency.

Half-cut Cells Advantages

25kw solar system price-Inkpv
(1)Reduced power losses
The solar cell is divided into two, 75% less electrical losses, increased overall current output of 2-4%. Make make the output power 5w-10w more than normal solar panel.

(2)Increased partial shading tolerance
When a solar panel is partially shaded, there are still 50% space can generate power. But for tranditional solar panel, its 100% no power output.

(3)Reduced hot spots and temperature
Half-cut solar cells reduce the current per substring, this technology can reduce the peak temperature of hot spots by up to 20ºC.

How much electricity will a 25 kW solar system produce?

A 25 kW solar system will produce around 150 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per day, depending on your location and the amount of sunlight your area receives. 

The amount of electricity your solar system produces will also depend on factors such as the angle and orientation of your panels, the amount of shading on your roof, and the efficiency of your panels. 

To determine exactly how much electricity your solar system will produce, you will need to have a professional solar installer conduct a site assessment.

How many houses can a 25kw solar system supply

A 25 kW solar panel system can typically supply electricity to more than one house, depending on the size and energy usage of the homes.
If the house appliance only few lights, fan. A 25kw solar system can supply to 30houses or more. And if house has air conditioner, a 25kw solar panel system can supply to 6-8 houses. 
And InkPV has a 25KW off-Grid solar system project in  Madagasar. To supply power to a village with 30house.

What is the size of 25kw solar system?

There are 45pcs solar panels in a 25kw solar system. It will takes about 90㎡~120㎡ to put on the solar panel. 

How do I find the right installer for a 25kW solar system?

Oversea installation service

  • We have oversea installation service. Enginner Steven and Ben will arrive at the installation site within 10 days after the goods arrived at port.


  • We have installation manual and electrical diagram. Follow the our installation guidance step by step, the installation can be done by your self. Contact us for solar system instalation manual.
Installation service
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Oversea Installation Engineers Support
From Manufacturer

By working with experienced and qualified installation engineers, you can be confident that your installation project will be successful and meet your energy needs for years to come.

Technical expertise

We have specialized technical expertise in wind turbine or solar power system installation. We are highly trained and experienced in working with the latest technologies and equipment, and can provide valuable insights and advice to help ensure that your installation is successful.

Quality assurance

Hiring experienced overseas installation engineers can help ensure that your installation project meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We can provide valuable insights and advice on best practices, and can help identify potential issues or areas for improvement before they become major problems.

Faster project completion

 InkPV overseas installation engineers are often highly skilled at working quickly and efficiently, which can help ensure that your installation project is completed on time and on budget.
Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity
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Types of system

25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Off-grid solar system

Off-grid system is suitable for areas without grid-connected or unstable grid-connected power, composed of solar panels, connector, inverter, battery and mounting system.

On-grid solar system

On-grid solar power system connects to the power grid, can sell excess electricity to the public grid.

Hybrid solar system

Hybrid Solar System combines advantages of on grid solar system and off grid solar system.
It connects to grid, you can sell solar power to grid or use directly.
If grid stop, battery supply power.

Solar and wind system

If your place enjoy good wind speed, the wind turbine can be a very good power source. It can give you unstopable power 24hrs. With solar and wind power, your home can be 100% off-grid.
Home wind turbine system - InkPV

How do I choose a off-grid system?

Off-Grid Application

InkPV Case Study Wall

Mfumo wa jua wa 10kw nchini Ufilipino kwa shule ya vijijini

School and Office

1.5KW - 5KW

We have Philippines, Senegal, Zimbabwe school project

25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Home Use

5KW and 10KW

 5KW and 10KW system is very popular in Europe
agriculture solar

Farm Use

three-phase 10KW-20KW

We have Thailand and Australia farm project
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Hospital use


We have Somalia, Kenya Marshall Islands hospital project.

solar panels on tile roof - InkPV

Government office


We have  City government project

lumber mill

Factory project


 We have Solomon Island factory project
25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Airport project


We have Indonesia, Papua New Guinea airport project

25kw solar system price-Inkpv

Village power 


We have Zambia village power project
Based on 16 years of actual installation experience, we can definitely provide an off-grid solar or wind power system according to your need.

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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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