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25kw solar system in fruit farm

How the off-grid solar system work in fruit farm?

Hello, in today case study, we bring you the 25kw off-grid solar system in Thailand for fruit farm. Thailand. Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate, with high humidity and temperatures throughout the year. The country has three main seasons: a hot season from March to June, a rainy season from July to October, and a cool season from November to February. 

The southern part of Thailand is generally warmer and wetter than the north, and the eastern coast is generally wetter than the western coast. So it’s very perfect to use solar power in Thailand.
25kw solar system in fruit farm

Why does the fruit farm owner want to use solar power?

This place is in a remote place, the farm owner doesn want to use diesel power, and there are no city grid at all.
He wants to use solar power in below reason:

1.Solar energy is a renewable energy source, which means that it can be replenished naturally and will never run out.

2.Solar power is a clean and environmentally friendly energy source. It does not produce any greenhouse gases or other harmful emissions, making it a good choice for those who are concerned about the environment.

3.Solar energy is a relatively low-maintenance energy source. Once a solar panel system is installed, it requires very little maintenance and can operate for many years with minimal intervention.

4.Solar power can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, which are a finite resource and contribute to climate change. By using solar energy, we can reduce our reliance on these non-renewable sources of energy.

5.Solar energy can help reduce energy costs, as it can provide a significant portion of a home or business's energy needs. This can lead to long-term cost savings, as solar energy is typically less expensive than other forms of energy.
25kw solar system in fruit farm

What plant in his fruit farm?

Thailand is known for its diverse agriculture, and there are many different types of fruit grown on farms throughout the country. Some common fruits grown on his fruit farms include durian, mango, coconut, papaya, pineapple, guava, and dragon fruit.

His farm is also a major producer of bananas, and the country exports a variety of different types of bananas, including Cavendish, ladyfinger, and apple bananas. Other fruits that are commonly grown on his farms include rambutan, longan, and lychee.

What electrical appliance in his fruit farm?

There are 3set 2HP pumps and 5set 1HP air conditioner in his fruit farm, and a small fountain in the pool. That’s why we suggest to use a 25kw inverter to cover all his home appliance.

What is the cost of 25kw solar system?

Here is the price for his 25kw solar system $20,847. His shipping agent collect the solar system directly in Foshan Guangdong China.

25KW Solar Power Plant Solar Power System

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How does the fruit farm owner install the 25kw solar system?

Site assessment

A site assessment is typically the first step in the installation process. It involves evaluating the location where the solar panels will be installed to determine the best orientation and angle for the panels to maximize energy production. After we evaluate the site by photo, we suggest to place the solar panels on the top of his roof top.

Design and planning

After the site assessment is complete, the solar panel system must be designed and planned. We design 40pcs battery to give him 24hrs stable power. And he built a room to put the inverter and the battery banks.
25kw solar system in fruit farm

Test and commission the system

After the solar panel system is installed, it must be tested and commissioned to ensure that it is functioning properly. He does the installation in 2days, and send us the data in the next 5days. The data is sent to our engineer to check the system working good or not

Here is the wiring for the 25kw solar system.

25kw solar system in fruit farm

Does the 25kw solar system work well in a fruit farm?

Solar energy systems can be a good choice for fruit farms, as they can provide a reliable source of electricity and help reduce energy costs. Solar panels can be used to power various electrical systems on a fruit farm, including lighting, irrigation pumps, and refrigeration systems for storing and transporting fruit.

Overall, a solar energy system can be a good choice for a fruit farm as long as there is adequate sunlight and space for the solar panels. It is important to carefully assess the farm's energy needs and consider the costs and benefits of a solar energy system before making a decision.

What does the fruit farm owner think the solar system?

There are two ways to live off grid:
1: Have lots of money to buy and maintain a huge solar power and battery storage system so you can use all the same appliances you would on grid.
2: Reduce your power consumption and energy needs so that you can use a smaller affordable solar power system, use efficient appliances designed for off grid use and use alternative heating, cooling, cooking and transportation.

My system:
25kw solar system. Wind does not help much here.
Heat, cooking and OD water heater are propane with woodstove w/water heating tanks backup. Gallon of propane a day in winter
I added an ebike for supply runs and charged off solar. I do have a truck for hauling large loads and traveling. I have internet, wifi and run a business online making off grid videos and designing off grid cabins.
Cabin is super insulated and I enclose the porch for a solarium in winter.
Offgridders thrive in the good times and survive in the bad times!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Best Regards,
25kw solar system in fruit farm
Jim Lai
Jim is the creator of InkPV. An good solar installer,  he is passionate about all aspects of solar projects for the home and commercial.

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