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10kw off-grid solar system in Philippines
We bring you the 10kw solar system in the Philippines for a rural school. Every typhoon comes, the electricity will be broken, off-grid solar will help to fix.

10kw solar system in Philippines for rural school

Hello reader, today we bring you the 10kw solar system in the Philippines for a rural school. The Philippines is a country made of many islands, and the city grid cannot cover every island. The Philippines sees an average of 20 typhoons a year, every typhoon comes, the electricity will be broken.

Why the headmaster want to use 10kw solar system?

It will bring inconvenience when the electricity breaks. Since this is a rural school in the island, this place is prone to typhoons that may cause the grid lines to break easily. When the electricity breaks, it means there will be a blackout for a long time because it is expensive and it takes longer to fix the grid lines.

Breaking electricity, therefore, proves to be very unreliable, especially for the school, and most of the school activities will have to completely stop because of the lack of electricity.

Unstable grid power that can break at any time can cause big damage to the electronics within the school and that is why the headmaster of the school decides to use a solar system. And he comes for us for using a 10kw solar system with a lithium battery.

10kw solar system in Philippines

How much electricity does the 10kw solar system produce 

In the Philippines, it rains a lot. When it rains, the solar panel produces little electricity. No much, because the sun is not strong. So it will bring about 45kwh each day. If all day is sunny, the 10kw solar system will produce 55kwh each day. And the solar electricity will supply to the appliance first, and the extra electricity will be kept in the lithium battery bank.

At night, the lithium battery bank will supply power to fans, lights.

In the rural school, the power of appliances is not much, only lights, fans, and computers. This is not a boarding school, students go home as soon as the classes are over. So the lithium battery power not much used every day.

The 10kw solar system with lithium battery can be used estimated more than 15 years. And this is because the cycle time of the lithium battery is 3000 times.

What size inverter for 10kw solar system

This is the 10kw solar system connection drawing.

10kw solar system price philippines

And for the 10kw solar system, the inverter power is 10kw. We use low frequency inverter, because the headmaster wants to use the system a long time.

Here is some advantage of using the 10kw low frequency inverter.

Stable output

In order for the school to run smoothly without any interruptions, there is a need to have a stable flow and supply of electricity.

The only way is the use of a 10kw Solar system which offers a stable output of electricity to the school. 10kw Solar system has an inverter which is a device within the Solar system responsible for the conversion of direct current (DC) that is generated from the solar system, to alternating Current (AC) electricity which the electrical grid uses.

This is safe for all appliances in the school and makes the output very stable. Electric power grids are prone to blackouts and this means that sometimes the supply is not stable.

10kw solar system price philippines

Can be used in longtime

Solar systems are extremely durable and can last up to an average of three decades. 10kw Solar system is manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high winds and even typhoon that is experienced in this area.

The good thing about using Solar systems as the source of electricity for school is that there is not much maintenance associated with it once the installation is done because they lack the moving parts.

With this 10kw Solar system, the headmaster is assured of over 10 years of lifelong warranty of stable and affordable power within the school.

Strong and heavy

Compare to the high-frequency inverters, low-frequency inverters are big and heavy because there is a transform inside. According the admaster’ser experience, big is always reliable.

10kw solar system price philippines

What does the headmaster think of the 10kw solar system?

The headmaster is happy to see a stable supply of electricity within his school. The headmaster is also happy to note that the use of the 10kw solar system in the school has proved to be very beneficial and so far, so good. After the layout and installation of the 10kw solar power in the school the headmaster notes and appreciate the stable electricity output in his school. here are some of the reasons why the headmaster prefers this 10kw solar system

First of all, the 10kw solar system off-grid is not prone to breakage even though this area experiences extreme weather conditions such as high winds and typhoons but the is no breakage whatsoever experience, and therefore the school always had power 24/7 without any interruption.

Secondly, the headmaster notes that the use of an inverter for the 10kw solar system is important because it converts the electricity generated to usable electricity that matches the needs of the lighting and the appliances within the school. in short, there is a stable supply of electricity with no rampant damage to the electrical devices in the schools such as computers.

After installation of the solar system, there is not much maintenance cost that is associated with the 10kw solar system, and therefore it is very cheap to have it as a source of electricity in a big area like the school.

Off-grid solar systems are extremely durable and can last for a long period of time up to over 10 years and that’s a lifelong guarantee that the headmaster will not have to worry about electricity within the school for a long time

An off-grid10kw solar system has a battery that stores power during sunny days and acts as a power backup when there is not enough solar or during the night therefore there is always electricity within the school 24/7.

10kw solar system price philippines
Jim Lai
Jim is the creator of InkPV. An good solar installer,  he is passionate about all aspects of solar projects for the home and commercial.

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