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Fantastic 20kw off-grid solar system for chicken house
Hello, in today's case study, we bring you the 20kw off-grid solar system for a chicken house in the Philippines. This case study is a typical case for agriculture.
The chicken house is on a small island of the Philippines, where the city grid cannot cover. In the old time, there are only diesel power generation systems on the island.

Fantastic 20kw off-grid solar system for chicken house

The chicken house owner June Pluto, decides to buy an off-grid solar system from China for below reason

Diesel oil is getting more and more expensive

The price of diesel is on the verge of increasing day by day. The overflowing prices of diesel have brought many changes, especially in the backward areas where people use diesel generators.

The financial crisis and the energy crisis have already affected the living conditions of people in backward areas badly.

Every nation in the world is going through some bad energy crises. The supply and demand chains for Diesel and other oils are vastly different, prompting people to consider what they should do next.

June Pluto knows this situation. In fact, he knows if he doesn't step forward and buy an off-grid solar system from China, he is going to regret it a lot.
Fantastic 20kw off-grid solar system for chicken house

Solar system technology grows fast

Despite all of the facts and people's fears about financial crises around the world, there is hope in the form of the solar system. A solar system is one of the most sustainable and reliable ways to produce energy that will meet all your energy needs.

Solar systems are now getting popular, especially during the cool summer months when people realize while sitting at home that they need them more than anything else.

Not only that, the technology of the solar system is now getting more advanced and safer in many aspects.

All it requires is a one-time investment, and afterwards you don't even need to do anything, absolutely nothing, and the energy will come directly from sunlight and then in the form of current that will complete your daily life work.
Fantastic 20kw off-grid solar system for chicken house

What appliance in the chicken house?

There are lights, hatchery machines, exhaust fans, a water pump in the chicken house. It's important for keeping stable temperature in the chicken house, that's why they need a reliable source of power.

His diesel generator is 20kw, that’s why he wants to buy another 20kw off-grid solar system.

How many batteries for the 20kw off grid solar system?

There are 16pcs and 32pcs battery options in the 20kw system. As the shipping freight is high and the system battery is expected working 8 years, June Pluto chooses the 32pcs option.

Because every battery bank DOD is related to the capacity, 32pcs working time is twice than 16pcs option.

20kw off grid solar system design

Here share with you the connection drawing for his 20kw off-grid solar system.

20kw 192V off grid solar system-Inkpv

20kw off grid solar system cost

The price is $18,141, total volume:7.4CBM, weight:3327KG price term:EXW Foshan, Guangdong. China.

His forwarder pick up Foshan, with his new house furniture. Put all the stuff in 20GP, and ship to Manila.

And we issued FE for the off-grid system, and June Pluto no need to pay the customs tariff in port of discharge.

How much electricity will the 20kw off grid solar system produce?

The solar panels power is 20kw, and the 20kw off-grid soar system produce 80kwh each day, and the life span of solar panels is more than 25years. This is a sustainable system can be used for many years.

What does he think of the 20kw off-grid solar system?

It brings his stable power

One of the biggest problems for June Pluto was stable energy. He really wanted something that provided stable energy 24/7. 

Because the diesel generator requires a lot of maintenance, it can only be used for 24 hours at a time. 

Pluto has had it for 24 hours after the solar system gained stable power in June.In daylight, he gets the electricity directly from the sunlight, and after sunset, the batteries, which have already been charged all day, provide the power at night. It couldn't get more great for June Pluto.
Fantastic 20kw off-grid solar system for chicken house

No noise, no pollution.

June Pluto felt at peace for the first time in a long time. The diesel generator sound is so irritating. 

The worst part is that no one gets used to its sound, which causes a lot of mental tension; the same thing happens with June Pluto. Fortunately, after installing the solar system, there is no noise or pollution at his place. 

The way he told us, whenever he gets up in the morning for work, the only thing that gives him relief is that he will no longer hear any of the rusty diesel generator sound and the smell and pollution in his area.

There is no need for additional costs because this is a one-time investment.

No extra fee

Installing a solar system is a one-time investment. Unlike generators or the electricity grid, where you must pay for diesel and electricity bills on a daily and monthly basis, there is no such maintenance in a solar system.

 When you install the solar system, that is it; you will never spend a penny afterwards on it. It will give you stable power during the day courtesy of the sunlight, and then at night you can use the batteries, which will already be charged from the solar system. 

You don't have to do anything for the solar system's processes; in fact, you wouldn't know whether the power comes from the sun or the batteries.
Fantastic 20kw off-grid solar system for chicken house
Ben J
Ben is a researcher, and data analysis expert who has worked for clients in the solar power system. He knows the battery very well.

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