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380W Flexible solar panel

Get 380W Flexible solar panel Price and Detail here. 380W Flexible solar panel is used in RV, boat, which can be design accroding to your need.

InkPV Solar panel
Brand: InkPV
Wattage: 380W
Type: 380W Monocrystalline Flexible Module 
Output voltage: DC current

380W Flexible solar panel Feature


Through replacement of the glass and optimization of the frame weighs flexible as 70% less than conventonal PV panels.


flexible combines a unique, patented material with other industry leading technologies to produce superior flexible crystalline-silicon panel which can be installed on curved surface.


Aesthetically pleasing design with patented materials and lphisticated manufacturing process results in a high-efficiency, attractive panel, with no light pollution, PID-free operation and high levels of safety.

Easy Installation:

flexible can reduce installaton cost by up to 50% through the use of re-engineered components, ease of handling and faster installation.


flexible’s innovatve frame and low weight will very significantly reduce the cost of transportation.


Ultra-light weight, flexibility and customizable size make flexible best choice to change the way how solar is deployed in the market and bring added value to special applications.


flexible panels are certfed to withstand extreme wind (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal), while special materials and stringent quality control ensure panel longevity.

First-Class Quality Assurance

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  • 10 years warranty for solar cell material and technology
  • 25 years Linear power output warranty

380W Flexible solar panel Mechanical Diagrams

380w drawing
Size2002 x 1000 x 17mm
Cable cross Section size4m㎡(IEC),12AWG(UL)
Solar cell72(6x12)
Junction boxIP68/FT50XY, 3*bypass diode
Cable Length300mm
Packing80pcs/Pallate, 1600pcs/40HQ

380W Flexible solar panel Electrical Parameters at STC

Rated Maximum power(Pmax)W


Open Circuit power  Voltage(Voc)V48.6
Maximum Power voltage(Vmp)V40.02
Short Circuit Current(Isc)A9.86
Maximum Power Current(Imp)A9.33
Module Efficiency%22.6
Power Tolerance0~﹢5W
Temperature Coefficent of Isc+0.045%/℃
Temperature Coefficent of Voc﹣0.275%/℃
Temperature Coefficent of Pmax﹣0.275%/℃
STCIrradiance 1000W/㎡, Cell temperature 25℃, AM1.5


Remark: electric data in this does not refer to a single module, and it's not part of the offer. It only serves for the comparison among different module types

380W Flexible solar panel Electrical Parameters at NOCT 

Suppose 10% Ratio of Solar Irradiance

TypeSMS380W/72Maximum System Voltage1500V DC
Rated Maximum power(Pmax)W


Operating Temperature-40℃~+85℃
Open Circuit power  Voltage(Voc)V38.73Maximum Series Fuse30A
Maximum Power voltage(Vmp)V31.7Maximum Static Load,Front/Back



Short Circuit Current(Isc)A9.36Backside Ratio70%±10%
Maximum Power Current(Imp)A8.80Frieproof PerformanceUL Type 29

Rate of the back of solar pane=peak power of STC/ nominal power


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Flexible solar panel balcony solar systems

Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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Why choose InkPV

1. Work with you for information necessary to verify the system power you actually needs;

2. Manufacture all systems parts in good quality and cost based on the confirmed terms;

3. Customize the solar system to meet your installation site, especially for the supporting structures;

4. Provide the system installation guides after the system arrive;

5. Long time warranty under normal operation;

6. On line technical support to any possible problem after system installation

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Customized 24-hours off-grid solar electricity

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