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10kw Off-Grid Solar System For Water Treatment

Hello Reader, today case study, we bring our InkPV project in Malaysia. This is a project in East Dalat Sarawak Malaysia, 5set 10kw off-grid solar system for water treatment project in different site.
The site is located in a countryside, if you want to go to the site, you will need to take 2hrs boat and 2hrs by car from the city. That’s why the only power source is renewable power like the solar power or wind power. Luckily, the solar power is very rich in East Dalat Sarawak Malaysia. Even there are a lot of rain, but the sun is quite good.

Because that place is in remote area, the owner expect the system work automatically, he came for InkPV for the solar solution.
10kw Off-grid solar system for wastewater treatment-1

Why did he don’t want to use diesel engine?

The site is in remote place, hard to transport diesel oil

The owner Mr.Ken Leong told us, the site is far far far away from city. The diesel oil there is not expensive, but the transport is not easy. Mr.Ken can not go to the place frequently, because time is limit. So the off-grid solar system is best for him, because one time installation, and no need come to the site to put on the oil or something. In the off-grid solar system, batteries are rechargeable, and as long as the sun is on, it will charge the battery.

Diesel engines need to maintain

There are few step to maintain the diesel engines
1. Clean the engine
2. Replace fuel filters
3. Check air filter
4. Use high-Quality Fuel
5. Check diesel particulate filter
6. Ensure the engine's radiator is working properly
7. Change engine oil
8. Inspect Fluid levels

It will need a engineer to do the maintain. And the off-grid solar system maintain is quit easy. Only with 2 parts
1.Solar panel maintain
2.Batteries maintain
You can find more detail in below blog

That’s why mr.Ken choose off-grid solar system instead of diesel engine.
10kw Off-grid solar system for wastewater treatment-2

Why does him use 10kw solar system for the water treatment project?

Why water treatment need electricity?

Water treatment typically needs electricity for several reasons:

1.To power pumps that move water through the treatment process.
2.To operate mechanical and chemical systems that remove impurities.
3.To run instruments and control systems that monitor water quality and adjust treatment processes accordingly.
4.To power aeration systems that dissolve oxygen into the water to support the growth of bacteria in biological treatment processes.
10kw Off-grid solar system for wastewater treatment-2

What appliance in his system?

There are few pumps and lights in the system. 0.75HP pump and some 100w lights. There are VDF build in the pump, so the total power in his system is about 6kw. As the inverter power bigger, the system life span is longer. So he choose a 10kw inverter for the system. Also with 16pcs 200ah Gel battery.

What is the wiring for the 10kw solar system?

Here is the connection drawing of 10KW solar power system.
28pcs solar panels make sure the system rated output 10KW per hour.
16pcs 12V 200ah battery store power generated by sun, and provide power at night.
IGBT material for inverter to ensure stable output and longer life time.
10kw Solar power plant wiring diagram - InkPV

How does him do the installation for the 10kw solar system?

He read the Installation Guides first. 
The installation is quite easy.
With the connection drawing, he can do the system installation easily.

What does Mr.Ken think about the 10kw off-grid solar system?

He thinks off-grid solar systems, can provide a renewable and sustainable source of energy. They can reduce reliance on traditional electricity sources and lower carbon emissions. However, the initial cost of installation and maintenance can be high compare to diesel engine. But he can offer the off-grid solar system. So the 10kw is best for him.

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Bob Jiang
Bob is one of  the creators of InkPV. He uses experience in marketing and knowledge from her master's in climate communications to research and review the solar and wind industry.

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