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400KW In Philippines save the daytime electricity bill

Do you want to know how this custom save the 400KW electricity bill from $7000/month to $0/month?

Our enginner went there for installation

2024 January, we send 3 engineers to there for installation.  And we have a great time there. 
400KW on grid solar system in Phinippines

Where do we put the inverter

In Philippines, the voltage is three phase 220V.
We put 2set * 200kw solar system make it 400kw.
And in one 200kw system, we put 6set 36kw inverter, mount on the wall.

Where do we put the solar panel

approximately 2222.22 square meters of space would be needed for the installation of a 400 kW solar panel system
And in one 200kw system, we put 6set 36kw inverter, mount on the wall.

What material we offer for the system?

We offer every accessory needed in the system. from solar panel to accessory, like cable tray, pens and tips

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What our customers say?

Every question you have, they ask and solve and placed orders. 
Let's see what they want to know.  It would be great help for your off-grid decision.

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