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Hello reader, here we bring you the 100kw solar system in Switzerland's hydroponics strawberry farm. This is a greenhouse for strawberries and the appliances are some lights, fans, and a small water pump
100kw solar system work for agricultural

How does the 100kw solar system work for agricultural?

What is Agri-PV system?

This is called Agri-PV, the working mode is simple: Solar panel is placed on the rooftop, and grow the plant below. For this strawberry farm, the solar panel array is 100kw hybrid solar system.

The working mode for the solar system is: In the daytime solar charge the battery, when the battery is fully charged, the rest solar power will be sold to local power company. At night, the battery bank power will supply to the lights and fans.

After we calculate, the battery bank power they need at night is about 12kwh, and the total appliance is 6kw. So we design a 38.4kwh battery bank and a 100kw hybrid inverter. And the hybrid inverter is allow 100kw sent to the grid and 10kw off grid for the appliance.

How we meet the farm owner?

We have a 20kw off-grid solar wind system in Switzerland mountain, which is working well. And the farm owner has some ideas for the renewable project, and InkPV is recommended by the 20kw project owner.

Since he don’t want to buy the solar system locally, he wants to buy the system directly in China at a fair price.

And in his purchase plan, the solar system and the hydroponic lamps are in one 40HQ container. And the 100kw system is about 50CBM, so there is still room for the hydroponic lamps. The hydroponic lamps factory sends the lamps to our factory, and we loaded the container together.
100kw solar system work for agricultural

Why does he want to use 100kw solar system?

Because he has a lot of space, and he wants to full use the roof top space.

One of the reasons for using a hybrid system is that he has a large rooftop. He wanted to take advantage of it and use it for a good purpose. In fact, what's better than using something sustainable that is a friend of nature?

Rooftop is the best place to use the solar system. It absorbs sunlight directly through the solar panel, which generates direct current energy. It then converts it to alternating current.

All these processes can only be accomplished successfully on the rooftop, and that is one of the reasons the farm owner wanted to use the hybrid system on the rooftop.

Every person nowadays is very keen to know about the possible practises that could stop climate change. One of the biggest reasons for carbon emissions is the use of energy resources like coal and other fuels. Our electricity comes from those things as well, other than from the dams.

The farm owner found out that the best way to stop the overuse of energy resources is to get something that is more sustainable. Using solar panels to complete the country's electricity needs is the best thing to help stop climate change.
100kw solar system work for agricultural

How does the 100kw solar system work?

One of his top priorities for the next ten years is to find a long-term job.Installing a sustainable solar system on his roof will not only save his life from the effects of climate change, but will also save the world's future.The owner of the farm knows the consequences and the harm caused.

Not everyone knows about climate change. The panels we use nowadays should be fully sustainable, from their manufacturing process to the entire installation process. Here, the owner of the farm is very confident in our company, and he does his own scouting to find the best one. This is where he found us.

Everything goes well, as he planned. The solar system works very well, and his system is paid back in the fifth year.
100kw solar system work for agricultural

Last word

Solar power systems provide clean and pure energy directly from the sun. There is no fuel or energy used in this process. Only the solar panels are enough to derive the direct current and then go through all the processes.

After the installation of the solar panels on the rooftop, the farm owner comforted him a lot. The first thing he did was unplug any previous electrical sources.It was way more expensive than using a one-time solar panel. He is currently free of any kind of energy crisis and their bills.

His whole house was secured from any sort of short circuit as well. The reason for this is that many farms are not operating at full capacity under current conditions.which increases the chances of short circuits and other harm to the electrical gadgets they use on their farms.

After the owner of the farm started using solar energy, the electricians always got the full amount of required current.

The moment the solar panels were completely set up and started processing electricity, he didn't use any fossil fuels afterwards. No maintenance of the solar panel is required. Only a couple jugs of water will be enough to completely clean the solar panels from any dirt. 

Other than that, you can hire a company that can check the overall condition of your solar panels once a year. Our company has provided the same services to the owner of the farm, and he is extremely happy with them.

Living on a farm is all about feeling at ease in your surroundings. After the owner of the farm started using solar panels, it was like he started a new life. One thing was the improved feelings after doing a good deed for humanity; the other was the fresh environment.
Ben J
Ben is a researcher, and data analysis expert who has worked for clients in the solar power system. He knows the battery very well.

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