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30kw solar system for mine living Area

30kw solar system for mine living Area

Hello reader, in today case study, we bring you the 30kw solar system for mine living area. The mine is in Gansu, China, and they use diesel generator for the mine, solar system for the mine living area.

Why do they need diesel electricity in a mine?

Diesel electricity is often used in mines because it provides a reliable and portable source of power for mining operations, which are often located in remote areas where access to the electric grid is limited or unavailable.

Diesel generators can be transported to the site and used to power equipment, lighting, and other facilities. Additionally, diesel engines are durable and able to withstand harsh conditions often encountered in mining environments.

However, it should be noted that diesel fuel is a finite resource and can contribute to air and noise pollution, so alternatives such as renewable energy sources are being explored.
30kw solar system for mine living Area

Why do they use solar power system for the mine living area?

There are several reasons why people prefer solar systems over diesel generators:

Cost savings:

Solar systems require a higher upfront investment, but generate electricity at no cost, reducing the overall cost in the long run.

Environmentally friendly:

Solar energy is a renewable and clean energy source that doesn't produce harmful emissions like diesel generators.


Solar systems are often more reliable than diesel generators as they don't require fuel, oil changes, and maintenance.

Quiet operation:

Solar systems are silent, unlike diesel generators which can produce a significant amount of noise.

The living place is not moveable:

The living area not move a lot. The miner work in daytime, and rest in the living area at night

Overall, solar systems provide a more sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable alternative to diesel generators, making them an attractive option for the living area.
30kw solar system for mine living Area

Why do we need solar system in remote place?

There are several reasons why electricity is needed in remote locations:

Essential services:

Electricity is needed to power essential services such as hospitals, schools, and communication systems, providing basic necessities to communities in remote locations.

Economic development:

Access to electricity is often a key factor in economic development and can attract investment and create new jobs in remote locations.

30KW Solar Power Plant Solar Power System

30kw off-grid solar power plant very popular for home use. With few pieces solar panel and battery.

Improved quality of life:

Electricity can provide basic comforts and improve the quality of life for people living in remote locations. This includes lighting, heating, cooking, and powering household appliances.
30kw solar system for mine living Area

Industrial and commercial operations:

Remote locations often have natural resources such as minerals, oil, and gas that require electricity for extraction and processing. Electricity is also needed to power remote commercial operations such as tourism and fishing.

Environmental protection:

In some cases, remote locations may be designated for environmental protection, and access to electricity can help with monitoring and management activities.
In summary, electricity is a vital component in remote locations to support essential services, economic development, improved quality of life, industrial and commercial operations, and environmental protection.
30kw solar system for mine living Area

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