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Do you really need the flexible solar panels?

Flexible solar panels are flexible, like their name, can be bent to any angle, and are lightweight, and easy installation. With their portable design, they can be used for many applications.

In this blog, we will talk about the application, advantages, and disadvantages of flexible solar panels.
Flexible solar panel-InkPV

What are flexible solar panels made of?

Compare to the tradition solar panel, flexible solar panels are quite different from them. As you see in the photo, this is what flexible solar panels are made of. PET, EVA, solar cells, EVA, TPT. 

Due to the structure, the flexible solar panels is much light weight and thinner than tradition solar panels
Flexible solar panel-InkPV
Flexible solar panel-InkPV
Flexible solar panel-InkPV

Can flexible panels charge devices directly?

There are MC4 connector in every flexible Solar Panels.
And the flexible panels output is DC current. As the sun power is not stable power, we suggest to use a battery to keep the DC current.

As the battery is expensive, we still suggest to take a solar charge controller to control the current from flexible solar panel. In case the current is too strong that will harm your battery and your devices.
Flexible solar panel-InkPV

Can I walk on flexible solar panels

Never walk on the solar panels, in case your weight damage the solar cell.
Flexible solar panel-InkPV

What are the benefits of flexible solar panels?

Light weight

Flexible solar panels are much lighter than traditional solar panels because there are no glass and a heavy frame. One 430w flexible solar panel is 7.2Kg, while a traditional solar panel 22Kg. When some buildings cannot load heavy solar panels, flexible solar panels are their best choice.

Easy installation

The flexible solar panels solar panel comes with pre-drilled holes for quick installation. Besides, it can also be installation by using silicone adhesive. With flexible solar panels, they are able to be used on curved surfaces like RV, boat.

With their lightweight frame, they’re also able to be installed on weaker more fragile surfaces without causing any damage.

RV car

Because of the light weight of the flexible solar panel, putting them on top of RV just increase a little weight. 

With the help of the flexible solar panel, you can enjoy your off-grid life with your RV car.
Flexible solar panel-InkPV


Flexible panels can fit the curve surface of the boat and easy installation. With light weight, it can fix on what surface you need whether the shade canopy above a deck or the roof of a wheelhouse.
Flexible solar panel-InkPV

What are the limitations of flexible solar panels?


The flexible solar panels cannot dissipate heat away from the solar cell.

Solar cells need to give off extra heat.
With flexible solar at most, you can get around 5 years. And this is because of flexible solar panels. Self is situated between two insulating layers. 

The materials that they use do not dissipate heat that if you compare to a traditional glass solar panel, you have glass, you're gonna have an aluminum rail, and that dissipates heat to some degree, but you can mount them.

Easy broken

The second drawback is that they cannot conform to rounded surfaces as well as you think without being damaged. Get this, most of them are ready to bend at a 30 ° radius for any part of the whole panel. 

And this is not much if you're handling it. If you go past a certain point in a focus location, you will hear a crunch in the solar cell, and somewhere in the solar panel, will be damaged. And once you damage any of the cells, you will bring down the voltage of the whole panel. And this is very hard to avoid.

So if you have even the smallest little crack, the solar cell is damaged. It's not going to be putting out the same amount of power as you wanted to. So some manufacturers have tried to combat this by using the it's like a fiberglass-type panel. 

It makes it. So the campaign is much, and this is better, but those degrade quickly because they're black. And so I have a friend in San Francisco and it failed recently. 

So I do not like these panels either because it fixes one problem and it causes another problem to become worse. So that's a huge drawback is that they cannot flex as much as you need.
Allon has over 10 years experiences in off-grid project. Including diesel or solar area, he always have his idea to design a perfect system for you.

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