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What is an off-grid home wind turbine system?

An off-grid home wind turbine system is to keep wind power in a battery bank. And battery bank supply power to home appliance via a inverter. The system usually consists of wind turbine, wind controller, dump load, battery, inverter, tower and other accessory. Off-grid home wind turbine system is common seen on the top of mountain and near the sea.

In some places,the off-grid home wind turbine systems are a cost-effective replacement for diesel generators, creating an important market for off-grid renewable energy systems.
home wind turbine system
And sometime the home wind turbine system come with solar panel. Solar panel and wind turbine charge the battery, and the battery supply power. They charge the battery via different controller, because the working mode for them not the same.

Wind and solar power work together can complimentary both seasonally and diurnally, provide better system reliability for the off-grid system.Resource and load matching is critical for off-grid system design.

If your place wind speed is very good, small home wind turbine systems are one of the best renewable energy systems -- with no emissions and 0 pollution.

Our blog will tell you more information like installation and maintain of the home wind turbine system.

How does an off-grid wind power system work?

The working way is like off-grid solar power systems. When there are wind, the turbine will turn and generate power. Controller is to put the AC current from wind turbine to DC current, and keep them into the battery bank. 

The inverter will put the DC current from battery bank to home appliances. And when the battery bank power run out, the inverter will switch to use the back up power like diesel or city gird if there is any.

What is needed for an off-grid home wind turbine system?




Wind turbine

Model FD-5000

Rated power 5000W

Starting wind speed 3m/s

Cut-in wind speed 3m/s

Rated wind speed 12m/s

Security wind speed 60m/s

Rated DC voltage 96V

Rated speed 260/m

Rotor diameter 5150mm

Protection Electromagnetic torque control and electricity brake

Type 3phases permanent magnetism synchronization generator

Blade material Extra-strong fiber glass

Packing material Plywood box and foam material

Generator weight(kg) 150KG

1 set


Ws5kw/96v wind charger controller

Wind Turbine Maximum Input: 100A

Unload Voltage(factory default): 112V

Unload Current(factory default): 50A

1 set



110V/120V/220V/230V/240VAC output,

City power and generator charger build in Overload,

overcharge, over-discharge protection  

Fuji brand IGBT material

1 set

Capacity:12V/200AH full sealed

Solar power Gel battery,

Service life:6-8 years ,

Size: 522*240*219mm

8 pcs

9m tower;

It helps fasten wind generator in safe altitude.

Use steel material with rust prevention.

Easy to install



100kw solar array cable and accessory

1)16pcs 16mm2*35CM battery cable connect 4pcs 16mm2*1M battery cable connect

2)16mm2 cable 100M

3) Battery terminals +2P 63A Battery switch

1 set

The 5kw off-grid home wind turbine system is consist of a wind turbine, a wind turbine controller with dump load, battery bank, an off-grid inverter, and tower and cable accessory.

What is a wind turbine?

Wind turbines work on a simple principle: The wind make the wind turbine turns the blade. The bladed rotors of various designs driving a shaft to a generator that uses electromagnetic induction to produce a voltage.

There are 2 types of wind turbine, Horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines.

Horizontal wind turbine is common type in the market, and usually consist of 3 blades or 5 blades, consist of propeller-like rotors fixed around a central hub and facing into the wind, like a windmill.
home wind turbine system
And vertical wind turbines blades surround the drive shaft of the turbine. The price is higher than same power for the horizontal wind turbine.

The turbine consist of blade motor, generator, tail.
The power of a turbine will produce is determined primarily by the diameter of its blade rotor. The bigger size of blade rotor, the higher capacity of the wind turbine.

The diameter of the rotor defines its "swept area," or the quantity of wind intercepted by the turbine. The tails make the wind turbine always face the wind direction.

What is a dump load?

The power from the wind turbine is wild AC three phase power.
Wind controller is to put the AC three phase power into DC current, and charge the battery.

Dump load is to consume the excess wind power.
Because unlike the solar power, wind turbine will turn as long as there are wind, and generate power. If the battery bank is full, over charge will damage the battery. That's why we will need an extra dump load to consume the exceed wind power.
home wind turbine system dump load
  • Is the dump load for home wind turbine system necessary?

The dump load is not protect the wind turbine itself. It used to protect the battery bank.

Click here to know more about 12v deep cycle gel battery


  • Do you need a dump load for solar power system?

No need.

Because there is a solar charge controller in an off-grid solar power system. When the battery is full, the solar charge controller will charge the battery in very very very small current. It won’t hurt the battery.

We need a solar charge controller in an off-grid solar power system, no need a dump load for it.

What is a pure sine wave inverter?

An inverter is an essential part of any system that generates DC power and converts it into AC power. No matter solar or wind power system, it will require an off-grid inverter.

The function of home wind turbine system inverter is same as the solar power system. Is to put the DC current from battery bank to AC power for home appliance. There is 3 types of off-grid inverter, single phase, three phase and split phase.

Click to know more about the pure sine wave inverter

What are the type of tower?

There are guy cable tower and stand alone tower.
  • Guy cable tower

Guy wire is designed to use with several fittings and components together to provide stability to wind turbine towers.

The tower for guy cable equip with 3m one pole.

And for 5kw, we use three poles to make it 9m form the ground.

home wind turbine system-5kwhome wind turbine system-pole
  • Stand alone tower

The price and installation way is different for Guy cable tower and stand alone tower.

We will talk about it in detail in the installation page

home wind turbine system-stand alone tower

How much power does a wind turbine produce

Here is the data sheet for the 5kw wind turbine.



Rated power


Maximum power


Rated voltage


Start-up wind speed


Rated wind speed


Survival wind speed


Top net weight


Wheel diameter


Number of blades


Blades material

Reinforced glass fiber

Generator type

Three phase permanent magnet AC synchronous generator

Magnet material


Generator case

Carbon steel

Control system

Electromagnet/wind wheel yaw

Speed regulation

Tail furling

Working temperature

-40°C  -  80°C

Design life

20 years


CE, ISO14001,ISO 9001, TUV

home wind turbine system-wind power curve
It’s better to read the data sheet with the power curve.

It means at the wind speed 3m/s, the wind turbine start to give power. And at the 12m/s, the wind turbine will give 5KW rate power. And the more wind speed, the maximum output power would be 5.3KW.

What is 3m/s and 12m/s like? Here is the photo better for you to understand.
home wind turbine system wind speed
The key of how much power does a home wind turbine system generate, is the wind speed.
If your place 24hours 12m/s, the 5kw wind speed will give you
But wind speed keep changing all the time, so before you buy a home wind turbine system, it’s better to check your local average wind speed.

What if the wind speed not so good in my home?

If your place have wind speed, but not always in good wind speed. We suggest to put some solar panel for your off-grid system.

Most customer will put 2kw solar panel in a 3kw home wind turbine system, to make them total 5KW.

And they will prefect to put 5kw solar panel with 5kw wind turbine together to make them 10KW.

Contact us to know more about solar and wind power system

home wind turbine system solar and wind power

Can solar and wind power work in a same off-grid power system?

Why solar and wind power can work together?
This is depend on the battery property.

Battery can accept different power source to charge them, as long as the charging current not exceed the max charging current. And as long as the battery not getting over charged, it accept wind power, solar power, or AC grid power.

As there are different controllers for solar and wind power, the battery will get protected.

How about the installation for the home wind turbine system?

Here is 5kw home wind turbine system connection drawing
home wind turbine system installation drawing

For the home wind turbine system installation, see more detail here.

How many year does a home wind turbine system can run?What about the lifespan?

The design life span for the wind turbine is 20years.

In some wind part in China, they already run for more than 10years and now still working good.

So for home use, the design life span will be longer than the wind part because the wind turbine is smaller, facing less wind load.

For battery life span, is about cycle time. Click here to know more about 12v deep cycle gel battery.

And an off-grid inverter life span is about 6years, click here to know more about the pure sine wave inverter.

How to maintain the home wind turbine system?

We suggest annual maintenance can include:

  • Inspect, clean and lubricate all rotating parts annually.
  • Wash all fastening fittings before the rainy season and apply anti-rust oil.
  • For each year of operation, lubricate the bearing of the generator.
  • Clean, rust and paint all outdoor parts of the wind turbine every two years.
  • The generator adopts advanced bearing and advanced lithium base grease. After 5 years of operation, the bearing shall be inspected, and when necessary, the lubricating grease shall be added in appropriate amount.

But for home use system, our customer just leave the wind turbine there and not doing any maintain annually, because its hard to call the lift up car. And the wind turbine still working good without any maintenance.

Because most off-grid system is in remote place, hard to climb up for the maintenance.

For battery maintenance, click here to know more about 12v deep cycle gel battery.

Relative question

How does a wind direction change?

The wind turbine will turn according to the wind direction.

How much noise does a wind turbine produce?

The noisy of the wind turbine is 43DB when you 300m away from the wind turbine.

What are the Challenges of wind turbine?

  1. It require a lift up car to put on the tower, the lift up car not easy to find in a remote place.
  2. It require a good wind speed to run the system well. If wind speeds are too low on any given day, the turbine’s rotor won’t spin.
  3. High price compare to same power solar panel.

Can we use the three phase AC current from wind turbine directly?

Technically, if you give a stable input for the wind turbine, like manually turn the wind turbine instead of wind, the wind turbine will give you a stable output three phase AC power.

But wind speed is not stable, so we will need to keep the wild wind power to DC power, to keep them on the battery.
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Bob is one of  the creators of InkPV. He uses experience in marketing and knowledge from her master's in climate communications to research and review the solar and wind industry.

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