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Wind solar hybrid system for telecom tower

Mr. Ivor work at a broadcasting station in Chile, and daily worries about diesel transport of diesel generators, generator maintenance, and voltage instability (because the output voltage of diesel generators is not stable for precision instruments).

It is urgent to find an alternative power source as most of the broadcasting stations are equipped with precision instruments that work 24 hours a day

Mr. Ivor contacted us. We recommended they use the hybrid solar wind power system, while the #vertical type of #wind turbine is recommended, because the vertical type of wind turbine can still generate electricity at the wind speed of 2m/s, and the generation efficiency is higher than that of the #horizontal axis wind turbine.

Considering the precision instruments of the broadcasting power station, we especially #strengthen our off-grid #inverter, which uses the #SCR and #intelligent #chip imported from Germany. In addition to connecting the battery, this off-grid inverter can also connect the diesel generator, realizing the mutual utilization of #windenergy, #solarenergy, and diesel energy, so that the customer does not have to worry about the problem of a power failure and can use electricity at ease.

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